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  Server 2.6 Version Install and Configuration, View at Youtube

  Client 2.6 Version Install and Configuration, View at Youtube

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If you have other software listening on port 80, such as Apache, you can use Apache's reverse proxy feature to load SNT server

SNT support apache reverse proxy at Win7 X86/X64. (Recommend apache version 2.22 or above)

1. Configure SNT server http tunnel listen on port 8081, and uncheck other listen port.(If your SNT server and apache on the same machine, can bind SNT server at IP:, config it at Setup-Miscellaneous tab).
2. Modify apache httpd.conf file, make sure have these line and uncomment it.
LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/

Then add a config at file end.

<VirtualHost *:80>
 ProxyPreserveHost On
 ServerAdmin any@email.address
 ServerName your_server
 ProxyPass /sntserver
 ProxyPassReverse /sntserver
Note: sntserver can use other string to replace.

or you can see

3. Restart Apache, then client use http://yourserver/sntserver as server address.

Network Neighborhood Over Tunnel Configuration

1. Click 'Setup-Virtual Network Adapter/Network Neighborhood and Port Map ' menu, install a virtual network adapter.
2. In step2, install SMB patch to system to make system support network share over tunnel function then restart system to take affect.
3. Continue in step2, click 'Add a network neighborhood', then input the target machine IP address, if you want to access server's file share, can use virtual IP to replace real server IP.
4. In system, use \\machine IP to access target machine file share.

LSP + Tunnel All New Program Mode

  Sometimes, a few game will auto remove the hook attach at it's processes, so the inline hook mode engine will can't take affect. In this case, you can use LSP mode engine (click 'setup' menu -> 'Run program in tunnel hook engine select'->LSP mode), then click 'Tunnel All Program (Exclude running program)' button, restart game, the game will be forced run in tunnel.

Manually config IE/firefox proxy

 Sometimes, if you don't like SNT auto hook IE or firefox process, you can manually config IE/firefox proxy option.
(1) Click 'setup'-'security config', checked 'Enable local socks4/5 proxy, port: 18888', then restart SNT client.
(2) Remove all IE's old http proxy configuration (let it blank), then only config IE's socks proxy is
(3) Direct start IE/firefox from system.

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